Low Cost Massage and Complementary Therapy Pricelist

Treatments   Student Therapist Newly Qualified Therapist Experienced
Body Massage A full body massage tailored to your needs by one of our complementary therapists £20/1hour £35/1hour On request
Reflexology Stimulating the internal organs via the reflex points on the feet to balance all systems of the body £20/1hour £35/1hour On request
Aromatherapy Massage A full body massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils to create your desired effect £20/1hour £35/1hour On request
Stone Therapy massage A full body massage combining hot stones, cold stones and crystals to suit your needs £20/1hour £35/1hour On request
Sports Massage A deep tissue massage to help you maintain peak performance £20/1hour £35/1hour On request
Indian Head Massage Performed in a chair and fully clothed this massage includes the upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp, hair and face £20/1hour £35/1hour On request
Reiki An energetic healing modality £20/1hour £35/1hour On request